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Looking for an inspirational speaker?  Pem of “Wedding Planning with Pem” presents programs and seminars throughout the country.  From Pem Pfisterer Clark’s Worm Farm to President and CEO of Pem Pfisterer Clark Productions, Incorporated, Pem shares with her audiences the 7 Steps to Spot-On-Success that have taken her from raising nightcrawlers to hosting, writing and co-producing her nationally syndicated radio show, “Wedding Planning With Pem” and her long-running television show of the same name.

Media personality, American entrepreneur, wedding planner extraordinaire, retailer, motivational speaker, ordained minister, humorist, author, illustrator, nationally recognized pen and ink artist, teacher, mentor, agriculturist, gardener and a pretty decent harmonica player, Pem, will enthusiastically engage and entertain your audience with captivating storytelling spot on-on purpose.

Pem’s philosophy is “Heck yes, you can control your own destiny!”

She’ll give you 7 steps that will take you from hard knocks to hallelujahs, share some of her personal mortifications, encourage you to put aside your past mistakes, inspire you to banish procrastination and GIDDY-UP to success, accomplishment, fulfillment, happiness and inner peace.